Carolina Recording Systems


Telephone Voice Recording System

We focus on solutions for the communications recording industry. We know every aspect of public safety communications and utilize this knowledge to capture, store, and retrieve it in the most efficient ways possible.


24/7 Onsite Support

We utilize products and services from the leading providers in the communications recording industry. Everything we offer goes through extensive testing before being offered to our customers.


24/7 Onsite Support

All members of our technical staff undergo vigorous and thorough training on all of our products.  From our Account Managers to our Recording System Specialists, all are focused to provide 110% customer satisfaction.

Carolina Recording Systems has grown with and experienced the rapid evolution of voice recording and associated data capture. Businesses and organizations are recording their communications for quality management, training, dispute resolution, legal compliance, and transaction verification purposes. Unlike many voice recorder companies, CRS focuses exclusively on recording systems and related integrations. Our efforts for our customers   are not diluted by other technologies or product lines. We have 20+ years of experience in the voice recording industry which we leverage with our hardware and software offerings to provide your business or organization the perfect solution and 100% customer satisfaction.