Carolina Recording Systems

“The Optimum Public Safety Recorder”

Our communication recording systems have a long, successful track record as the logging recorder of choice for 9-1-1, EMS and other mission-critical applications, with 1000+ installations and quickly growing. In addition to Industry-Standard hardware and software, our communication recording systems are optimized to include the right benefits and features required for demanding Public Safety environments.

Our Solutions Feature:

  • Highest Reliability in independent tests, even under the highest call volumes; options to insure maximum uptime.
  • Integration Commitment, including specialized public safety interfaces for ANI/ALI, trunked radio, PBX, ACD, and CTI.
  • Interface Flexibility: Analog (telephone, radio, microphones); Digital PBX sets (Nortel®, NEC® and others); Digital Centrex; T1 and ISDN-PRI trunks.
  • Most Extensive Search Parameters: ANI/ALI data, Call Taker ID and Name, Radio Channel, Talk Group, Radio ID to name just a few…
  • Storage Availability: Years of on-line hard drive storage, mirroring, DVD-RAM, RAID 5, NAS, and Central Archiving options.
  • Call-Taker quality assurance and evaluation.